offers information about global sanction lists and their characteristics, current developments and analysis as well as information about relevant service providers in this field. This database is designed as a tool for practitioners in the areas of sanctions and embargoes, AML, KYC and other Anti-Financial Crime areas. is a subset of the Global Compliance Research Directory (GCRD).

Key aspect is to inform about relevant data sources and trends in terms of sanctions, to enable users to conduct own analysis – and to provide information where help can be found when needed.

The purpose of is to help …

  • to stay on top of fast changing sanctions developments

  • to enable companies to improve their sanctions and AML/KYC functions

  • to identify and analyse potential gaps in sanction filtering

  • to calibrate sanctions screening systems

  • to support sanctions and counterparty research. is designed for general information purposes and as an internal research tool.
However, it does not replace own diligence and research and own sanctions list monitoring. Please see disclaimer and terms and conditions. is designed for users in Financial Services, Industrial Companies, Consulting, Law Enforcement, Journalism and Academics, dealing with Anti-Financial Crime, Sanctions/Embargoes, Export Control and related issues.

Main applications include but are not limited to:

  • Sanctions QA

  • Sanctions List Management

  • Sanctions Due Diligence

  • Sanctions Investigations

  • Sanctions Screening

  • AML KYC Checks

  • AML Country Risk Analysis

  • AML Investigations

  • Export Control

  • Counterparty Research

  • Law Enforcement and Intelligence is designed for general information purposes and as an internal research tool.

Parts of the website and selected content are free of charge and do not require a registration.

However, for full access, a subscription is required. Please find details under “Subscription Options”.

No. does not offer sanctions lists for download. We provide meta data and analysis.

If you wish to use sanction lists for screening purposes, you may download these lists directly from the respective releasing authority. You can find download links for numerous lists on this website. Otherwise please refer to one of the seasoned commercial providers of sanctions- and watchlists. Some of them will be included on this platform as well.

No, a screening engine is not offered. We provide meta data and analysis.

The idea is to enable you to conduct your screening directly in the primary source or to provide information which commercial providers are available that offer screening services.

In the Monitoring and Analysis, the following lists with their sublists are covered:
U.S. OFAC SDN List and their 76 programs/regimes
Please note that OFAC SDN List is monitored through download of the US ITA CSL List, not through download of the OFAC SDN list from OFAC website.
EU Consolidated List and their 30 programs/regimes
UK Consolidated List and their 40 programs/regimes
UN Consolidated List and their 15 programs/regimes
Sanctions Profiling
You can access detailed sanctions profiles by clicking on the respective entry in the overview table
The following lists are included in the profiling, with different grade of detail:All of the above, including their programs/regimesAdditional listsIn the course of this project, profiles of additional lists from various jurisdictions are planned. Statistical sanction analysis and snapshots are conducted on selected programmes and on a regular basis, from the cited official websites and processed with GCRD methodology. These are preliminary figures only, methodology is under development and subject to change.

Information on sanctions list changes is updated on a regular basis.

Usually, lists are checked and processed once per day. Tighter timeframes and closer monitoring are possible – please get in touch.
Please note that time lags occur caused by the time spans between:

  1. Publication of the list change the in the official organ of the respective authority (for example EU Journal)

  2. Release of an updated version of the respective sanctions list by the authority

  3. Release of an updated version of the associated list that is used by for analysis.
    In the case of U.S. OFAC changes, the U.S. ITA CSL is used to track OFAC list changes

  4. Download of the respective sanctions list by
    At the moment, lists are usually downloaded at the end of each day. Higher frequencies are available on request.

  5. Internal processing of sanctions list by algorithms.
    Generating meta data and analysis such as counting figures, identification of changes and their details etc.

  6. Publication of processed data on

Yes, figures can change. Because algoritms are constantly checked, monitored and improved. Changes can occur without notice.

No, it does not. It is a tool designed to help with information about sanctions. But it does not replace own diligence and research, monitoring and download of sanctions lists. Please see Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions for further information.

Please get in touch. This requires an approval.

Any commercial or non-commercial use of the data base extending beyond the actual intended use as internal research tool by the Client, in particular within the framework of the own products, requires the previous written approval by GCRD international Dr. Pascal Ditté and is object of a separate agreement.
Please see Disclaimer and General Terms and Conditions for further details and get in touch with us for discussion. and the Global Compliance Research Directory (GCRD) were invented and founded by Dr. Pascal Ditté. The founder has long experience in the areas of sanctions/embargoes, AML/KYC, due diligence, forensics and related compliance and Anti-Financial Crime topics in financial services and industry.

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